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Since then, computer programmers have sought to pass what has become known as the Turing test – whether a human can, after a few minutes conversing with it, be fooled into thinking it is human. In the competition, a panel of judges have a conversation with a computer and a human, then vote on which is which.

At the Techniche festival in Guwahati, India, 30 volunteers conducted a typed four-minute conversation with an unknown entity. If more than 30 per cent choose incorrectly, the computer is considered to have passed the Turing test. This year's competition will be held at Exeter University next month. Around 100,000 conversations take place at every day.

With 1,334 votes cast – many more than in any previous Turing test – 59.3 per cent thought Cleverbot was human. After a quick chat with Cleverbot at, it is a little surprising that the program should have fooled so many people. A smidgen of intelligence is involved in what it does, but it is no way the same as human intelligence.

You could not say that it is thinking, that it is self-aware or conscious. Or in other words 'Iay ancay eakspay Ipay atinlay.'Q: Are you as intelligent as a human being?

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This test was Cleverbot either passing or coming close to passing a 'chatty' Turing test – one where the only test is whether the computer can have a fun conversation – and it would not pass it every time. A: You are easily pleased Q: How can newspapers adapt their business models for a digital age? Q: I can see why you might struggle with that then.

Stranger: IM A FUCKING WOMAN Clever Bot: So you are no girl?

The Bletchley Park codebreaker and pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing introduced the question of whether machines could think for themselves in 1950. Mr Carpenter has worked in this area for several years, having twice won the Loebner Prize, a competition set up by American inventor Hugh Loebner in 1990 to find the most human-seeming chatterbot. We wouldn't go so far as Gizmodo, whose writers picked up on a sexual tension between the two bots; but we did find ourselves assigning personality traits to them as we watched -- especially to the female bot, who struck us as particularly sassy.Our personal suggestion to make the party even wilder: invite the i Phone/Android Cleverbot app to the next no-humans-allowed chat session.WATCH: CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story suggested that the Cleverbot was designed by the Cornell Machines Lab, when the lab was responsible for incorporating the text-to-speech and avatar features. Chatbot Theatre is a log of conversations between various chatbots.

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